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The books included in this series provide comprehensive accounts of some of the

most central and most rapidly developing areas of research in linguistics. by Liliane Haegeman.

1. Liliane Haegeman, Introduction to Government and Binding Theory (Second Edition)

2. Andrew Spencer, Morphological Theory

3. Helen Goodluck, Language Acquisition

4. Ronald Wardhaugh, Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Fifth Edition)

5. Martin Atkinson, Children’s Syntax

6. Diane Blakemore, Understanding Utterances

7. Michael Kenstowicz, Phonology in Generative Grammar

8. Deborah Schiffrin, Approaches to Discourse

9. John Clark and Colin Yallop, An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (Second Edition)

10. Natsuko Tsujimura, An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics

11. Robert D. Borsley, Modern Phrase Structure Grammar

12. Nigel Fabb, Linguistics and Literature

13. Irene Heim and Angelika Kratzer, Semantics in Generative Grammar

14. Liliane Haegeman and Jacqueline Guéron, English Grammar: A Generative Perspective

15. Stephen Crain and Diane Lillo-Martin, An Introduction to Linguistic Theory and Language Acquisition

16. Joan Bresnan, Lexical-Functional Syntax

17. Barbara A. Fennell, A History of English: A Sociolinguistic Approach

18. Henry Rogers, Writing Systems: A Linguistic Approach

19. Benjamin W. Fortson IV, Indo-European Language and Culture: An Introduction

20. Liliane Haegeman, Thinking Syntactically: A Guide to Argumentation and Analysis

Type d'annonce : Livres
Emplacement : Marrakech - Safi
Pages : 400 Pages
Auteur : Liliane Haegeman
Langue : English
Domaine : Linguistics
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